Game title:

Chris McFarland
Based in Auckland, New Zealand

Release date:
3 March 2015 (PC/Mac/Linux)

Steam (PC/Mac/Linux)
iPhone and iPad
Fire TV


Regular Price:
$4.99 USD


Tallowmere is a lovingly violent 2D action platformer with an emphasis on executing your hero's jumping, shield-blocking, and weapon-attacking at the right moments as you romp through a procedurally-generated dungeon. Life is low, danger is high, enemies are everywhere, blood and body parts are plentiful, death is permanent, and you just know you're going to beat your high score this time.


In December 2013, a stay-at-home dad was fed up with managing stamina bars and watching corpses fade away in games. Deciding to put his programming knowledge to the test to create his own game, Chris McFarland proceeded to pull strengths from various gaming inspirations to create a bloody replayable roguelike-inspired platformer called Tallowmere, with a focus on random rooms, minding your positioning, gaining instant gratification when pressing the buttons to use your shield or weapon, and being able to admire the bloodstained beauty of your slain foes.


  • Randomly-generated rooms, with each room bigger than the last
  • Satisfying blood splats, gibbing, particle effects and sounds
  • Responsive skill-based gameplay, with no ammo, mana, or stamina gauges to worry about
  • Heaps of ranged and melee enemies (and elites!) to use your shield against and kill when the coast looks clear
  • Traps and obstacles to dodge and avoid
  • Special boss and event rooms
  • Unique weapon types and various equippable shields and garments to loot
  • Infinite jumping
  • Singleplayer and local co-op (up to 4 players)
  • Permadeath, with a typical run lasting from 1 minute to 2 hours depending on skill


Tallowmere - Trailer (YouTube)


download all images as .zip (11.4 MB)
Tallowmere - Co-op
Tallowmere - Co-op 2
Tallowmere - Hydra
Tallowmere - Boom
Tallowmere - Kidnapping
Tallowmere - Loot
Tallowmere - Loot 2
Tallowmere - Jazza
Tallowmere - Death

Tallowmere - Logo

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Monetization Permission

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About Chris McFarland

Chris McFarland is an independent game developer that has taken a liking to the Unity game engine. Tallowmere is Chris' first commercial game.

Tallowmere Credits

Chris McFarland
Sole owner and developer

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