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Tallowmere - String Contexts for Translation

Hello! Thank you for being interested in translating Tallowmere to your language. Below are some screenshots and info to give context and info.

If you're new to Tallowmere, be sure to check Tallowmere's Game Guide for an overview of how Tallowmere plays.

// Tallowmere - Pronounciation

Audio pronounciation (MP3 file):

// Title Screen

// Languages

// Characters (Friendly)

Samuel, Keeper of Challenges.
On the Tallowmere Xbox One build, "Challenge" is a reserved word, so he's then called Samuel, Keeper of Conquests.

Lady Tallowmere. Keeper of the dungeon. She creates a new dungeon for the player every time they play, and she offers you healing.

The Punisher. Lets the player activate various "Punishments" to make the dungeon harder.

Wandering Merchant. The player can buy and sell things from the merchant. There's one in the home room, and various merchants throughout the dungeon.

Old Man Mazaar. Small-time lore-keeper. Holds a potion for the hero to retrieve for the Kidnapping event later in the game.

Esmerelda. Caretaker for Lady Tallowmere's sacrificial kittens.

Mr Bigguns. Lady Tallowmere's cat. Has a role in the Kidnapping event.

Tireless Guard. Stands guard at the start of the dungeon.

Apparition of Tallowmere. Image of Tallowmere that appears in various rooms, offering a heal and words of encouragement.

// Characters (Enemies)

Archer. Wields a bow and arrow.

Leaper. Has blades for hands and leaps at the player.

Zaerie. Flying monster. Holds a buzzsaw. Play-on of the word "faerie".

Ogre. Throws purple bottles that can stun the player.

Bloat. Short, stumpy creatures filled with a volatile concoction. Explodes on death, stunning nearby enemies and players alike. Can suicide using the dagger it's holding.

Feeler. Flying bug. Has a long tongue that can pull the player.

Conductor. Casts lightning bolts.

Fire Mage. Casts balls of fire.

Flail Knight. Swings a ball and chain.

Jazza. Flying mechanical nightmare. Launches orbs.

Hydra. Spits acid.

// Item Rarities

Weapons, shields, headgear, and outfits use a rarity system:

 ★★ Uncommon
 ★★★ Rare
 ★★★★ Fabled
 ★★★★★ Legendary
 ★★★★★★ Mythical
 ★★★★★★★ Otherworldly

These tiers don't have to translated word-for-word.
Basic = Crap.
Otherworldy = Super Best #1.
Feel free to get creative for each rarity to make it feel like the tiers grow better however you see fit.

// Gameplay Messages, Massive GUI, Menu Stuff

Tallowmere has a combat log with lots of colours:

And floating combat text:

Other messages are in the "Massive GUI" main interface, like for interacting with a Merchant:

For the Android and iOS version, there are also special touch buttons:

And more mobile buttons and messages:

// Room Info

Big room text:

// Achievements

// Weapons

Each weapon has various names for each rarity rank. For the names, especially the unique names like "Bloodgust" or "Throatbound" for example, feel free to get creative in your language if desired. Names are merely cosmetic, adding variety to the randomness.

Axe. Basic melee weapon.

Grenades. Thrown. Explosive.

Emerald Dagger. Short-ranged melee weapon. Allows the player to become stealthed after a moment if they're on the ground. Does extra damage when backstabbing.

Flag. Lady Tallowmere's flag in the Capture the Flag event room.

Flamethrower. It's a flamethrower.

Ice Wand. Launches ice bolts if standing still.

Katana. Melee weapon. Teleports the player to a random nearby enemy.

Mr Bigguns. Not really a weapon, but you hold Mr Bigguns for Mr Bigguns' Shield Challenge.

Rocket Launcher. Fires rockets.

Spiked Club. Melee weapon. Knocks enemies back.

// Headgear and outfits

There are only a few hats and outfits. Various colours.

// Traps

Pinwheel. Spiky obstacle that spins and moves back and forth.

Spike trap. Static spikes that are sharp to the touch.

Acid trap. A skull that emits a cloud of acid.

// Challenges / Conquests

// Merchant

// Tireless Guard

// Punishments

// Cutscene - Kidnapping

... Mr Bigguns then takes the laxative and grows large and enraged. A fight against Bigguns ensues while Lady Tallowmere is caged.

// Esmerelda

// Souls (Demon Statue)

// Tutorial

Tutorial text displays at the top of the screen:

// Shrines

// Edit Controls

// Warning Messages

// Weapon Wheel

// Touchscreen Actions

// High Scores

// Local Co-op Setup

// You Have Died

// Versionia (appears in DRM-free versions)

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