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Android Controller Support

You can play Tallowmere for Android with a touchscreen, controller, or keyboard.

Version 352.9 (15 October, 2021) supports the following Android controllers:

My controller doesn't work!

If your controller doesn't seem to be working with the Tallowmere Android version, I can create a controller profile to add to Tallowmere for you, but I'll need your help.

To create a new controller profile, I need to know what your controller's buttons and joysticks internal ID numbers correspond to.

To figure this out, I've created a custom app called Mobile Controller Debugger.

Download Mobile Controller Debugger

Please download and install the APK here:
MobileControllerDebugger_v1.0.1.apk (17 MB)

You will need to allow 3rd-party apps to be installed; should be an option in your Android Settings > Security section.

Mobile Controller Debugger uses the same InControl plugin that Tallowmere uses, with some text to detect controllers that aren't in its database.

Example screenshot of what Mobile Controller Debugger looks like:


Once your controller is connected, launch Mobile Controller Debugger. Press any button; the "Active device" text should change.

What I need from you is:
  • Active device meta (I need everything in the blue text exactly as is, word for word, case-sensitive, space for space, take a screenshot if needed),
  • Button ID numbers for each button, and
  • Analog ID numbers for each stick, and

Please open the following Google Sheets template, create a copy of the sheet, fill out your copy, and email me your copy or share with me a link I can view:
You'll have to press each button, move each stick, and enter what the screen says for each Button ID and Analog ID for each part of your gamepad.

Once all the above is filled out, email chris@tallowmere.com.

I will interpret what you've written and create an InControl profile for your controller. I'll then build another InControl-based app containing the new profile for you to test.

There might be a little back-and-forthing between us to get it right. Once that looks good, last step will be for me to create a Tallowmere test demo for you to try, just to confirm that your controller works as it should, and then finally I'll add the new controller profile to Tallowmere properly and release an update to everyone.

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Game info:
  Action roguelike platformer
  Randomly-generated levels
  Weapons w/ unique mechanics
  Outfits, headgear, shields
  Item rarities
  Multiple enemy types
  Tactical shield blocking
  Deadly traps and obstacles
  Persistent bloodsplats and gibs
  Coins, hearts, souls, and keys
  Treasure chests
  Potions and consumables
  Special room events and bosses
  Passive abilities
  Merchant NPCs
  Local high-score system
  Challenge modes
  Sacrificial kittens
  Combat/event log
  Dev console for cheats*

  Local co-op (up to 4 players)
  Keyboard and mouse support*
  Independent game developer
* Windows/macOS/Linux only.
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PEGI 16 Violence
CERO D 暴力 M Violence
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