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Changelog Archives

These are old, past changelog details.

For the most recent changes, please visit the normal changelog page.

23 March 2016 – Version 333.5

  • Fixed a framerate issue that could occur during long play sessions.

1 March 2016 – Version 333.4


1 February 2016 – Version 333.3

  • Pinwheels can no longer spawn vertically on the two blocks in front of the hydra pit.
  • The "Enemies attack twice as fast" punishment no longer affects Acid Traps, Pinwheels, and Spike Traps.
  • The Steam monthly leaderboard for February 2016 is now live.

1 January 2016 – Version 333.2


29 December 2015 – Version 333.1

  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.2.4f1.
  • Improved detection of collision events.
  • Fixed an issue with Mr Bigguns' Shield Challenge where a weapon could spawn in a chest if you managed to max your souls out.

16 December 2015 – Version 333

Fixes and improvements:
  • New Y Button Controller icons for the A, B, X, and Y buttons have been given a new coat of paint.
  • Improved hero's ability to walk over corner ledges successfully without getting stopped.
  • Improved Feeler movement AI to not get stuck in place as much.
  • Spikes are now flush against block ledge corners.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes think a lower-tier item was an upgrade when it actually wasn't.
  • Fixed acid clouds being able to have their movement tangent changed.
  • Fixed Archer arrows sometimes gliding against your shield instead of being blocked.
  • Fixed Feeler tongues going out of position momentarily when getting hit while extended.
  • Fixed Jazza's glowballs sometimes bouncing off your shield instead of being destroyed.
  • Fixed several enemies being able to enter a state where they would always face your direction, even if you were stealthed or not in line of sight.
  • iPhone and iPad: MFi controller button icons now use standard MFi button colours.

14 December 2015 – Version 332.4

  • Added support for the PlayStation 4 controller with Steam Link.

10 December 2015 – Version 332.3

  • Added a "No controller connected" alert that will display under Input Options > Device Type if you attempt to select an Xbox or PlayStation controller type when no controller is detected.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when attempting to escape out of the Local Co-op Setup screen.
  • Escaping out of the Local Co-op Setup screen now takes you to the home room instead of the title screen.
  • Fixed alerts on the main menu not fading out if the game was paused.
  • Windows: In the menus, green checkmarks are now green bullet points instead, as Unity and Windows 10 really don't like the checkmark character.

6 December 2015 – Version 332.1

  • If an Archer is firing at you off-screen, your Rocket Launcher's rockets will now be able to hit things that are far away off-screen for the current room. If the off-screen Archer dies or becomes visible on-screen, the Rocket Launcher's rockets will revert to their default behaviour of being quietly removed if the rocket becomes off-screen and hasn't collided with anything after 0.5 seconds.

    Basically, this gives you a new advantage against off-screen Archers (and other enemies if you're lucky), while retaining original Rocket Launcher functionality otherwise.

  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial text.
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Mages would sometimes always face you, even if you were stealthed or not in line of sight.

  • The time-agnostic loading swirl is now only used the first time you launch the game. For every launch thereafter, a new time-defined loading bar will be used instead, giving you a better indication of when the loading will complete.

1 December 2015 – Version 332

Fixes and improvements
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.2.3p1.
  • Enabled the Steam Monthly Leaderboard for December 2015.
  • Android: The slow-loading Android issue has been fixed thanks to Unity. Initial loading times are now roughly 7x faster. (on my Nexus 9 tablet, loading now takes 4 seconds instead of 30 seconds)
  • Android & DRM-free Desktop: Fixed a typo on the Room 50 local achievement.
  • Local Co-op: Fixed Jazza's glowballs sometimes dealing damage to the wrong player.
  • Local Co-op: Fixed Jazza's swapper orb always affecting Player 1.
  • Fixed Archer arrows sometimes passing through shields and bodies.
  • Fixed Conductor lightning obstructing Rocket Launcher auto-aim (this was most noticeable after getting hit by lightning).
  • Fixed Leapers not facing you when becoming angry after being touched by a Grenade.
  • Fixed floating combat text sometimes overlapping the pause menu.
  • Fixed hero sometimes bouncing when landing on a heart or key.
  • Fixed the "Return the flag to town" speech being too quiet and off-centred.
  • Fixed the "Your health is low!" text sometimes overlapping the menus.
  • Fixed tutorial text not hiding if menus were open.
  • Lots of memory and loading optimisations.

23 November 2015 – Version 331

General updates
  • Updated the InControl controller plugin to v1.5.12.
  • Windows: XInput now works properly with Steam In-Home Streaming.
  • Windows: XInput now works properly with the Steam Controller.
  • Windows & Mac: Slightly increased the font size of the ▲ and ▼ item comparison indicators.
  • Jazza's death fanfare is now played as a sound effect instead of a music track.
  • Added a checkmark beside your selected screen resolution in the Screen Resolution options.
  • Fixed Jazza's blue swapper orb effect appearing out of place at times.
  • Fixed Ice Wand particles not updating their position if you were stunned.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a wardrobe malfunction.

Steam Controller

If using a Steam Controller, please make sure you've opted into the Steam Client Beta.

  • Created a new profile called "Tallowmere Official Windows Bindings" (I attempted to update the existing profile but it appears changing the title of a profile saves it as a new one). Updated the button labels. This config is the new default and works similar to an Xbox 360 controller.
Tallowmere Official Windows Bindings for Steam Controller

  • Steam Controller now works with the latest Steam Client Beta.

Mac & Linux:
  • Created a new profile called "Tallowmere Official Mac & Linux Bindings". At this point, the Steam Controller isn't seen as a controller on Mac and Linux, so the bindings emulate keyboard keys.
  • To Cancel or Confirm when browsing the menus, use Left Grip and Right Grip respectively.
  • Multiple Steam Controllers probably won't work well for local co-op on Mac and Linux at this time.
Tallowmere Official Mac & Linux Bindings for Steam Controller

Target framerates
  • Desktop: Added an option to limit the framerate to 60 FPS. Available under Options > Video Options > Target Framerate. Default option is set to Maximum FPS.
  • iOS: Target framerate has been increased from 30 FPS to 60 FPS, allowing for smoother gameplay on capable devices.
  • Android: Target framerate is now set to 60 FPS, which should help preserve battery life. Previously, the framerate could jump up to 120 FPS which was unnecessary.

Further controller support

  • Added Moga Pro profile
  • Added SteelSeries Free profile

Fire TV:
  • Added Logitech F710 Mode D profile
  • Added PlayStation 4 profile
  • Added Nyko PlayPad Pro profile
  • Fixed Logitech Mode X profile

1 November 2015 – Version 330.6


1 October 2015 – Version 330.5


22 September 2015 – Version 330.3 (Desktop)

  • Updated the InControl controller plugin to v1.5.11.
  • Windows: Added option to disable XInput. You'll likely need to disable XInput when using Steam In-Home Streaming with a controller. Toggleable under Options > Input Options.
  • Local co-op: Player 1 can now choose Keyboard & Mouse during initial setup.
  • Local co-op: Further fixes to ensure mid-game input device reassignments persist between deaths.

6 September 2015 – Version 330.2 (Android)

  • Updated the InControl controller plugin to v1.5.9.
  • Added support for the Moga Pro Power controller on Android.

3 September 2015 – Version 330.1

  • Fixed an issue where Lady Tallowmere's flag could become undroppable.

1 September 2015 – Version 330

From the depths of Lady Tallowmere's dungeons comes a new breed of stumpy kamikaze creatures called Bloats.

Having consumed one too many purple stun potions from their fellow Ogres, Bloats are packed with paralysing toxins that explode upon death.

You're free to use your shield against their self-inflicted explosions. Other enemies in the dungeon aren't so lucky, however, and will get stunned in a purple haze if they keep too close. Or if other monsters you want to stun are too far, you can always lure or push a Bloat into place before it explodes!

Bloat details:
  • Bloats do not attack. Rather, they jump towards you when they see you, and make a delightful chirping noise.
  • Once they're close enough, Bloats will begin their ritual of plunging a blade into a sweet spot in their belly, causing them to die instantly and explode.
  • Bloats also explode if their health reaches zero through other means.
  • Bloat explosions are close-range and can stun both hero and enemy.
  • You can block the explosion with your shield, negating the damage and stun, or use an Anti-stun Potion.
  • All enemies, excluding bosses, are stunnable.
  • After exploding, Bloat body parts will fly through the air carrying the paralysing toxin. These purple gibs may look dangerous, but the toxin on these body parts are too weak to affect the hero. Other monsters in the room aren't so lucky however, and will become stunned for a few seconds if a toxin-laden body part hits them. You can also bounce these body parts off of your shield to try and stun monsters from afar.
  • Other Bloats caught in a Bloat explosion will explode immediately in a chain reaction, regardless of health.
Other changes:
  • The Steam monthly leaderboard for September 2015 is now live.
  • Added the Bloat Challenge and its Steam leaderboard. Speak to Samuel in-game to start.
  • Added a pair of Bloats to the Double Trouble room.
  • Slightly increased the coin pick-up radius.
  • Demon statues now show a blue indicator when you have a soul group available to turn in.

  • Updated Anti-stun Potions to cater for Bloat explosions.
  • Scorch mark decals are now only created 60% of the time, down from 100%, for performance.
  • Added dev console command: spawn bloat
  • Fixed voice clips sometimes overlapping.
  • Fixed Fire Mage arms sometimes getting stuck in upward positions.
  • Fixed a frame stutter issue during the initial kidnapping scene.
  • Fixed an issue with the local high score board flashing during the You Have Died sequence.
  • Fixed the green ✓ checkmark character not appearing in the menus on Windows 10.
  • Local co-op: Fixed player indicators not hiding during the You Have Died sequence.
  • Local co-op: Fixed +Health floating texts only appearing on Player 1 instead of each corresponding player.
  • Local co-op: Fixed the dev console not showing if nobody was using a keyboard.
  • Local co-op: Fixed mid-game input device reassignments not persisting between deaths.
  • Local co-op: Fixed red ranged-weapon indicators not hiding after a hero had fallen.
Source code conversion:
  • Tallowmere's source code has been converted from UnityScript to C#. There should be no noticeable changes in-game.
  • Outside the game, any `*.tallowmere` user data files are now considered legacy and will not be written to, though they will still be read and loaded as needed.
  • New user data files now end with `*.csharp.tallowmere` and will be created and written to from here on.
  • Again, you shouldn't notice any hiccups with this conversion -- this is just a heads-up!
Gameplay video:

31 July 2015 – Version 326.3 (Steam)

  • Updated the InControl controller plugin to v1.5.8.
  • Added support for the Level Up Black Hawk controller on Windows.

28 July 2015 – Version 326.2 (Android)

Android changes:
  • Updated the InControl controller plugin to v1.5.8.
  • Added support for the Moga Hero Power controller on Android.
  • Fixed an issue with the Red Samurai Wireless Controller profile.

10 July 2015 – Version 326

  • Feelers now have slightly less vision range, giving you more time to spot them before they spot you.
  • Feelers now aim for the front of your torso rather than the middle, making it more possible to block their tongues if they're above or below you.
  • Fixed an issue where feelers would sometimes about-face while their tongue was extended.
  • Reduced the amount of weird stiff-tongue angles that would happen when a feeler would flinch with tongue extended.
  • Removed the Apparition of Tallowmere from the Attack of the Zaeries room.

22 June 2015 – Version 325

Although Lady Tallowmere enjoys watching unsuspecting heroes getting tongued to death as much as the next dungeon overseer, Tallowmere has decided to rein in on the number of Feelers flying around until further notice.

Feeler sanctions:
  • Every room now has a limit of 1 Feeler maximum (excluding the Double Trouble room), with a 25% chance to increase its limit to 2 Feelers maximum, rolled on a per-room basis.

11 June 2015 – Version 324

Patch notes:
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.1.
  • Actions can now be unassigned from the Edit Controls menu.
  • Ogres now only spot you if their currently-held bottle is visible on the screen.
  • Pinwheels can now hit Feeler tongues that are latched to your shield, causing the tongue to retract.
  • Slightly enlarged the Flamethrower's hitbox.
  • The Double Trouble room now places pairs of enemies beside each other.
  • Fixed an issue where Grenades would sometimes fall to the ground instead of getting thrown.
  • Fixed Archers not firing after you used a waypoint.
  • Fixed Feeler tongue moving abruptly if the Feeler was flinching while latched to you or your shield.
  • Fixed items being removed from the Weapon Wheel if the wheel was closed during edit mode.
  • Fixed the Device Type menu category being inaccessible.
  • Fixed the High Scores list flashing out of place during the You Have Died sequence.
  • Android: Added support for Red Samurai Wireless Controller.
  • Android & iOS: Fixed an issue where choosing to reposition the on-screen buttons while a controller was active would cause the screen to appear unresponsive.

4 June 2015 – Version 323

Patch notes:
  • Decreased the amount of damage you take when trying to jump or attack while being pulled by a Feeler.
  • Fixed being able to take damage during a cutscene.

3 June 2015 – Version 322

New common enemy: Feeler


Lady Tallowmere has conjured a new Feeler enemy for your pain and pleasure.
  • The Feeler is a large flying insect; its long tongue will try to lick you from across the room.
  • If your shield is raised, its tongue will stick to your shield. Your movement speed will be slowed until you lower your shield, detaching the tongue.
  • If you fail to block the tongue, the tongue will damage you and you'll get pulled to the Feeler's side.
  • While being pulled, if the Feeler senses you attempting to attack or jump, the Feeler will respond by dealing extra damage.
Tallowmere exclaims with a reassuring nod, "No need to thank me."

Other notes:
  • Reduced elite health by 10%.
  • Added the Feeler Challenge.
  • Added dev console command: "spawn feeler"
  • Enabled Steam Leaderboard for June 2015.
  • Fixed Mr Bigguns not appearing in the home room if any Challenge was active.
  • Fixed Versionia the version-checker not appearing in the Android DLC.

24 May 2015 – Version 321

Introducing Challenge Modes:

Samuel, Keeper of Challenges, has entered the dungeon's home, offering you an initial 22 Challenges to alter Lady Tallowmere's dungeon for fun and trial.

Samuel, Keeper of Challenges

Mr Bigguns also gets to star in his very own Shield Challenge. Meow!

Mr Bigguns' Shield Challenge

Each Challenge will have you attempt to get to Room 20 (or beyond) without dying. Samuel will keep track of how far you've managed for each Challenge, and keep a running tally of points for your total sum of highest rooms reached.

For Steam (and the pending iOS update), each Challenge has its own leaderboard, and there's also a leaderboard for your overall points, so you can see how well you fare against the rest of the world.

Please note: participating in a Challenge means no achievements will be earned for the run, no kittens can be sacrificed, and scores will only be submitted to the Challenge-specific leaderboard.

Trap Challenges:
  • Acid Trap Challenge
  • Spike Challenge

Enemy Challenges:
  • Archer Challenge
  • Conductor Challenge
  • Fire Mage Challenge
  • Flail Knight Challenge
  • Leaper Challenge
  • Ogre Challenge
  • Zaerie Challenge

Weapon Challenges:
  • Axe Challenge
  • Emerald Dagger Challenge
  • Flamethrower Challenge
  • Grenade Challenge
  • Ice Wand Challenge
  • Katana Challenge
  • Rocket Launcher Challenge
  • Spiked Club Challenge

Other Challenges:
  • 100-Health Challenge
  • Double-speed Challenge
  • Elite Challenge
  • Mr Bigguns' Shield Challenge
  • Stunnable Challenge

Tallowmere Challenges

All platforms:
  • When a saved game is loaded, you'll now be positioned beside the elevator.
  • Fixed empty menu categories not displaying correct text.
  • If Tallowmere isn't connected to Steam (meaning no achievements nor leaderboards will work), a warning message now appears.
  • Fixed file location for saving and loading being incorrect if Tallowmere wasn't connected to Steam.
iOS & Android:
  • Reduced the amount of scorch marks that are created to keep performance smooth.
  • Fixed an issue where, if your shield was raised when using touch controls and you switched to controller mode, the shield would remain stuck in the raised position.
  • Fixed an issue where touching the double-axes or pause icon would also move your hero.
  • Added IPEGA PG-9023 controller support.
  • Enabled screen resolutions on more Android devices.
  • Fixed leaderboard scores not submitting if Punishments were active.

17 May 2015 – Version 320

All platforms:
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.0.2.
  • Updated the InControl controller plugin to v1.5.5.
  • Added a "Saved Game: Loaded" message for when the game loads a save file.
  • Added additional hints in the Capture the Flag room for how to unlock the door.
  • Performance improvements.
iOS & Android:
  • High-resolution phones now have an option to decrease the game's resolution, resulting in larger text and better performance.
  • The on-screen buttons for Interact and Shield/Attack/Jump can now be repositioned, available under Pause Menu > Options > Input Options > Button Positions.
  • Added controller support. Using a controller will automatically hide the on-screen buttons; touch the screen at any time to show them again.
  • Added loading screen text to accompany the swirling soul.
  • Added menu option to quit the game.

1 May 2015 – Version 319.1

Patch notes:
  • Enabled Steam Monthly Leaderboard for May 2015.
  • Dev console keybind can now be changed under Edit Controls when using keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue with text being out of place for a moment when the main menu was first opened.

23 April 2015 – Version 319

  • Added a local achievement system to the DRM-free standalone builds.
  • Added options to invert D-Pad and Thumbstick horizontal and vertical axes.
  • Added an animated loading indicator after the title screen (only shows if loading takes more than a couple of seconds).
  • Added text wrapping in the menus; text should no longer overflow on smaller resolutions.
  • Acid Traps no longer see through raised shields.
  • Dropping the flag now has you equip what you were holding before you picked up the flag, rather than the first item in your inventory.
  • Reduced the overall health of the hydra boss by 33%.
  • The front-most hydra head now flinches every time it gets hit.
  • Fixed your shield not lowering after picking up the flag.
  • Fixed souls not changing their position when you transition to a different room.
  • Fixed an issue with the GameCube controller profile.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with certain controllers where D-Pad buttons were being erroneously pressed too fast in the menus.

14 April 2015 – Version 318.2

  • Added support for a USB GameCube controller adapter for Windows.

13 April 2015 – Version 318.1

  • Renamed "Automatic Controller Selection" to "Automatic Device Selection".
  • In singleplayer mode, improved the way controllers are automatically detected and selected (or not) as the input device type to use.
  • Manually selecting Keyboard & Mouse under Options > Input > Device Type now sets Automatic Device Selection to Off.
  • Manually selecting either Xbox Gamepad or PlayStation Gamepad under Options > Input > Device Type now sets Automatic Device Selection to On.

12 April 2015 – Version 318

Controller improvements:
  • Tallowmere now has Full Controller Support.
  • The pre-game launcher has been removed as it is no longer needed.
    (note for existing Mac users: you may need to tick the "Only show this window when..." option if the launcher still shows)
  • Whether you're using Windows, Mac, or Linux, if you turn your controller(s) on and then launch Tallowmere, your controller(s) should work right off the bat — no more need to configure the pre-game launcher.
  • Added controller rumble/vibration support for Windows users that have XInput-compatible controllers. On by default. Toggleable under Options > Input > Allow Controller Vibration.
  • Added an on-screen keyboard during local co-op setup so you can enter your names without using the keyboard.
  • Improved controller hot-plugging support for Windows.
  • During local co-op, you can now reassign who's using which controller under Options > Input > Assign Controllers.
  • Note: In singleplayer mode, if a controller doesn't seem to be working at first, ensure either Xbox or PlayStation Gamepad is selected under Options > Input > Device Type.
Other changes:
  • The Options menus have been reorganised with Video, Audio, Input, and Game Options categories.
  • Anti-aliasing has been set to 0x by default, but can be changed under Options > Video.
  • Acid traps now only trigger if they have clear line of sight to the hero.
  • Added further enhancements to ensure enemies don't slip through the cracks.
  • You can no longer get hurt when a room is phasing out.

7 April 2015 – Version 317

  • Fixed Left Trigger, Right Trigger, and D-Pad Up/Down/Left/Right not being mappable in the Edit Controls menu in some cases.
  • Keys/buttons assigned to the Previous Item and Next Item actions now move your menu selections up and down respectively.

6 April 2015 – Version 316

  • Fixed an issue with fast-moving things getting stuck between blocks.
  • Added a "Local Keyboard Co-op" mode where only keyboard input can be used; useful for home-made arcade setups where joysticks and buttons use keyboard mappings instead of gamepad input.

3 April 2015 – Version 315

  • Added an option to make the Up/Down weapon-switch behaviour use your Weapon Wheel item order instead of the default main inventory item order. Available under Options > Up/Down Behaviour.
  • Added an option to toggle the existing feature of automatically using controller input if a controller is detected. On by default. Toggleable under Options > Automatic Controller Selection.
  • Fixed the Weapon Wheel not replacing a sold weapon that was slotted on the Wheel with the next best available weapon of the same type in your inventory.
  • Slightly increased the coin pickup radius.

1 April 2015 – Version 314

Monthly Leaderboards have begun!
  • The leaderboard for April 2015 is now live.
  • Renamed the "Highest Room Cleared (with all kittens alive)" leaderboard to "Highest Room Cleared (with all kittens alive) - All Time".
  • When your run comes to an end, your room score will be submitted to both the current Monthly Leaderboard and the All Time leaderboard.
Other changes:
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.0.0, up from 4.6.3.
  • Improved handling of submitting leaderboard scores.
  • Gave the High Scores and Edit Controls interfaces a bit of paint.
  • Fixed treasure chests never containing axes.
  • Fixed an issue with the kidnapping scene.

26 March 2015 – Version 313

  • Added a "quick restart" option to the end of the You Have Died sequence; after the scoreboard is shown, you can now press your Interact key or button and have the game restart in Room 1, or you can press any other action to return home like normal.
  • Changed the Weapon Wheel so that slot items now swap places if you assign an item to an already-occupied slot, rather than overwriting the slot. Slots are now only overwritten if your currently-equipped item is not on the wheel and all slots are full when you enter edit mode before selecting a slot.

25 March 2015 – Version 312

New weapon: Spiked Club

Tallowmere - Spiked Club

Lady Tallowmere has crafted a Spiked Club for you to knock some heads with. If you manage to find this new weapon, press your attack button to raise the club, then release to land a blow. The more hurt an enemy is, the more damage they take. Extra knockback is also applied. You are unable to move left or right while your club is raised. Attacking with the club also propels you downwards with great force. (click here for a longer animated gif)
Other notes:
  • Lady Tallowmere has been meaning to keep an eye on you, so newly-formed apparitions of her now appear in most event rooms.
  • Added a "Coins Leftover" column to the local highscores list.
  • Added descriptions to all items, viewable when browsing your inventory or visiting a merchant.
    Tallowmere - Ice Wand Description
  • Added new equipment attribute type: +Spiked Club Damage.
  • Added console command: "give club"
  • Added console command: "spawn chest with club"
  • Damage you receive is now coloured red in the combat log.
  • Improved button-press detection during cutscenes for speeding up the text.
  • The first event room is now usually found in Room 7 instead of Room 6.
  • Fixed potions being automatically equipped when looted from chests.
  • Fixed a Weapon Wheel sound being played whenever you clicked.
  • Fixed hero stats not being written to save files.
  • Fixed combat log timestamps not calculating your previous saved game's time played value.
  • Fixed Anti-stun Potions not having a voiceover.

20 March 2015 – Version 311

Patch notes:
  • Added new option: "Auto-equip & Item Comparison"; lets you enable or disable auto-equipping better loot, and lets you specify which attribute to use for the item comparison calculation.

  • Decreased the Weapon Wheel keyboard number press-and-hold assignment time to .3 seconds, down from 1 second.
  • Conductors now only spot you when their head and torso are in full view.
  • Fixed an issue with the katana.

18 March 2015 – Version 310

Tallowmere - The Weapon Wheel Update

Introducing the Weapon Wheel:

Lady Tallowmere is pleased to introduce the Weapon Wheel to assist you on your adventures. The Weapon Wheel contains 8 slots to let you quickly and precisely equip the weapon or consumable you desire.

To open the Weapon Wheel:
  • Keyboard: Press and hold Left Shift.
  • Mouse: Press and hold the Middle Mouse Button.
  • Xbox 360 controllers: Press and hold B.
  • PS3 controllers: Press and hold Circle.
To select a slot:
  • Keyboard: Use your movement keys (WASD) or Arrow keys.
  • Mouse: Move your mouse around.
  • Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers: Use the Left Thumbstick or D-Pad.
As soon as a slot is selected, the item in that slot will be equipped.

Further notes:
  • Your shield must be lowered to use the Weapon Wheel.
  • If you loot a weapon and there's space for it on the Weapon Wheel, the weapon will be added to the Weapon Wheel automatically.
  • If you loot a weapon that is an upgrade of a weapon type you already have, the new weapon will replace the old weapon on the Weapon Wheel automatically.
  • To assign your currently-equipped item to a new slot, press your Interact key/button (or click) while the wheel is showing; the slot glow will turn green. Then navigate to a new slot, then press your Interact key/button (or click) again.
  • If one of your items is not on the Weapon Wheel and you'd like it to be, make sure the Wheel is closed, equip the desired item by either pressing Up and Down, then open the Weapon Wheel, press the Interact key/button to enter edit mode, then select a slot. (make sure you press the Interact key/button before attempting to select a slot)
Please note that the Weapon Wheel is only available in single-player mode for now.

Tallowmere - Weapon Wheel Screenshot

Keyboard shortcuts:

In addition to the Weapon Wheel, keyboard users can now equip items by pressing the 1-8 number keys on the top of the keyboard, corresponding to the position of items on the Weapon Wheel. Slot 1 is the North slot, Slot 3 is the East slot, etc.

You can also assign your currently-equipped item to a new slot:
  • Windows: Either hold down the desired number key for one second, or quickly hold Alt and then press a number (eg Alt+3).
  • Mac: Either hold down the desired number key for one second, or quickly hold Command and then press a number (eg Cmd+3).
  • Linux: Hold down the desired number key for one second.
Please note that these keyboard shortcuts are only available in single-player mode for now.

Other changes:
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 4.6.3, up from 4.6.1.
  • Added an input entry for the Weapon Wheel in the Edit Controls menu.
  • Added basic weapon wheel instructions to the tutorial.
  • Increased the low health warning threshold from 33% to 50%.
  • Items looted from chests that are upgrades are now automatically equipped; weapons are only automatically equipped if your currently-equipped weapon type matches the weapon type in the chest.
  • The hydra grew a thicker skin and now only flinches at most once every 2 seconds.
  • Added console command: "give axe"
  • Fixed an issue where the game would stutter for a moment the first time a green or red item comparison indicator would be shown.
  • Fixed an issue with the savegame system.
  • Fixed elite/boss treasure chests not losing their golden glow after being looted.
  • Fixed elites being able to spawn with the enemy-respawn mechanic.
  • Fixed some text issues with the Edit Controls menu.
  • Fixed the kidnapping boss being able to continue attacking you if you had left the room.
  • Fixed tutorial text being off-centred.

12 March 2015 – Version 309

  • Fixed an issue from version 308 where local high scores weren't being saved nor loaded.

12 March 2015 – Version 308

  • Fixed an issue with the saved-game loading system.

12 March 2015 – Version 307

  • Fixed an issue with the saved-game loading system.
  • Fixed audio being too loud during the room transition fade-out phase.
  • Fixed the coins-on-crit effect being a little too generous.

11 March 2015 – Version 306

Patch notes:
  • Critting an enemy now makes them drop some extra coins.
  • Added new console command: "tanky monsters"
  • Added new console command: "hero always crits"
  • Fixed tutorial not letting you attack when prompted to do so even though it was registering that you had pressed your attack button.
  • Fixed tutorial not mentioning scrolling your mousewheel to switch through your weapons and potions.
  • Fixed tutorial not always registering that you'd viewed your inventory.
  • Fixed Emerald Dagger stealth effect zooming the camera in too close.

11 March 2015 – Version 305

  • Added a 0.1sec delay to Ogre's throwing arm in most cases.
  • Fixed an issue from version 304 where savegame files would sometimes not load correctly.
  • Fixed Flail Knight combat log entries not appearing.

10 March 2015 – Version 304

  • Items you acquire are now sorted by rarity, and weapons in your possession are now grouped by type.
  • Added indicators beside item stars to help you quickly see if an item is better or not than what you already have, based on rarity.

8 March 2015 – Version 303

  • Added a new Decals & Body Parts option:
    • Found within Main Menu > Game Options, the Decals & Body Parts option lets you set the maximum number of blood splats, scorch marks, and body parts that should be visible on the screen. Excess decals and body parts will fade out over a few seconds.
    • You can set the limit between 0 and 500; default is 400.
  • Increased frequency of big coins appearing; they now appear if a monster is set to drop 10 or more coins, down from 15.
Dev console:

Added new dev console commands:
  • slay all monsters
  • respawn monsters
  • show decal counter
  • Fixed a bug where a save-game file would be written if you happened to die just before transitioning into a new room.
  • Fixed the monster-respawn mechanic spawning too many monsters when being triggered multiple times in a room.
  • Various performance improvements.

7 March 2015 – Version 302

  • Slightly increased Jazza's minimum health.
  • Doubled the amount of coins you receive when selling an item.
  • Merchants now have a higher chance of stocking high-quality items.
  • Reworked the price scaling of 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-star items to be more affordable.
  • Anti-stun Potions now have a lower base price, but now also rise in price as you progress through your run.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck while waypointing by spamming your Interact button over and over.
  • Fixed a bug where Darson's Armour would remain visible while you were stealthed or waypointing.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a looted shield could be of an abnormal size.
  • Fixed item descriptions not having enough white space between certain lines.

5 March 2015 – Version 301

  • Fixed a bug with the in-game menus where pressing the Y button on an Xbox 360 controller, or the Triangle button on a PS3 controller, would activate a menu item's action.
  • Fixed a bug with PS3 controllers on Mac OS X where supposedly nullifying the Right Trigger Axis entry with the right-thumbstick on the pre-game launcher's Input tab would result in uncontrollable shield behaviour.

6 February 2015 – Version 257

  • Fixed demon statues never giving out +Health on Kill passive upgrades.
  • Fixed hero's Traits panel mentioning a couple of old, unused passives that got removed ages ago.
Controller setup help:

In an effort to help communicate that you will most likely need to map your controller's buttons and joystick axes on the pre-game launcher's Input tab:
  • Fixed the in-game Edit Controls menu section not mentioning the tallowmere.com/gamepad instructions URL for assistance with help setting up your controller.
  • On the pre-game launcher's Input tab, added some comment entries at the top about how to use the Input tab.

    Note that controllers are optional; you can still play with a keyboard without any setup required.

4 February 2015 – Version 256

  • Coins, hearts, and keys that are too far down a doorway/corridor are now pushed back into the room by a mysterious force.

3 February 2015 – Version 255

  • Slain enemies that would drop 15 or more Small Coins now drop some Big Coins in their place; Big Coins are worth 10 Small Coins.
  • If more than 200 blood splats and/or scorch mark decals are currently visible on the screen, some of them will fade away to ensure draw calls and framerate stay at reasonable levels while still looking good. This change has no effect on decals that are off the screen; you can still backtrack and see the damage you've done. This decal fading should really only happen when fighting bosses or lots of elites close together. For the majority of areas in the dungeon, visible on-screen blood and scorch mark decals are usually less than 200 at any given time, so decal fading should only ever occur in extreme situations.
  • Slightly increased the chance that chests guarded by elites will have better loot.
  • Added local co-op dev console command: "revive fallen" - revives all fallen heroes.
  • Fixed soul movement sometimes being jittery.
  • Fixed souls sometimes getting stuck on hero and not being absorbed if game is under framerate duress.
  • Fixed being able to purchase high-quality items you supposedly couldn't afford.
  • Fixed a bug where, after selling an item, a non-equipped item you have of the same type would sometimes be equipped randomly.
  • Local co-op: fixed players not being grouped up properly when entering a room.
  • Local co-op: fixed Lady Tallowmere sometimes not giving heals to your party.
  • Local co-op: fixed player Traits and Statistics info only ever showing the info for Player 1 instead of the player that opened their inventory panel.
  • 3- or 4-player local co-op: fixed a player being able to interrupt a revive-in-progress by pressing their own action button.

1 February 2015 – Version 254

  • The Steam Leaderboard menu item now opens the Highest Room Cleared leaderboard instead of the 10-Room Speedrun leaderboard.
  • Pausing the game now unlocks the mouse cursor; note that the cursor may remain hidden until you move it off of the game window.

31 January 2015 – Version 253

  • Clicking your mouse in the game window now locks the mouse cursor to the window.
  • Fixed item rarity-level stars not appearing on Ubuntu (and possibly other operating systems).
  • Fixed rocket launcher sometimes spawning with incorrect scaling. (thank you, oshkosh1346)
  • Fixed a bug where the amount of red and green souls granted from demon statues would be incorrect if you were turning in multiple soul groups at once. (thank you, oshkosh1346)

30 January 2015 – Version 252

  • Added an attack-rate limiter of 80 milliseconds between attacks, allowing for a maximum of 12.5 attacks per second. (thank you, AttackingHobo)

29 January 2015 – Version 251

  • Fixed a bug where you could consume a potion if potion quantity was less than 1. (thank you, AttackingHobo)

28 January 2015 – Version 250

New event room: Mysterious Vials
  • Old Man Mazaar's red, green, and purple vials were misplaced long ago, but word has it they may have resurfaced elsewhere in the dungeon...
Added a soft savegame/checkpoint system:
  • Whenever you enter a new room for the first time, a save file will be written containing your weapons, items, equipment, stats, number of rooms you've cleared, and room events you've cleared. Note that actual rooms won't be saved, just your progress.
  • If you quit the game then start the game later, your save file will be loaded automatically.
  • Your save file gets deleted when you die, or when you choose to start a new game with the same number of players you're currently using (eg loading a singleplayer game and then starting a new singleplayer game afterwards will delete your singleplayer save file). (note: if you've used the dev console to use a cheat, your savefile will not be deleted)
  • Save files are kept separate for how many people are playing (so your singleplayer save won't get overwritten when you play a co-op game).
Other changes:
  • Added new passive: Health on Kill
  • Added sound effect for when Health Regen is ticking.
  • Added three music tracks for generic rooms.
  • Reinstated the elevator.
  • Waypoint no longer spawns in Room 1.
  • Removed the "Powered by Unity" splash screen.
  • Sprites are now packed, so draw calls are less and performance should be improved.
  • Traps now have 50% chance to gain more damage when your enemies grow stronger.
  • Items with 3 or more stars now cost more.
  • Items you sell to merchants are now worth a little less.
  • Reduced the chances of a merchant stocking powerful items you can afford.
  • Reduced Anti-stun Potion base price from 300 coins to 200 coins.
  • Reduced the chance chests guarded by elites contain guaranteed powerful loot.
  • Screenshake is now slightly less intense.
  • Added dev console command: "set room vials" - Sets upcoming room as the Mysterious Vials event.
  • Added dev console command: "reset achievements" - Wipes all your Tallowmere achievements on your Steam account, allowing you to start fresh again.
  • Fixed a bug where the hydra could sometimes push you up above the ceiling.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen during the hydra boss fight.
  • Fixed local co-op HUD not working.

13 November 2014 – Beta 229

New enemy:
  • Flail Knight – Swings a hefty ball ’n chain.
New! Elite enemies:
  • When an enemy spawns (excluding zaeries and bosses) there is a 10% chance it will be Elite:
    • Elite enemies have a red glow around them.
    • Elite enemies deal 2x their normal damage.
    • Elite enemies have 10x their normal health.
    • Elite enemies guard a locked treasure chest that becomes unlocked once they are slain.
    • Elite chests contain an item of at least 2-star quality, with a minimum star count increasing by 1 every 7 rooms. These items still have a chance of being even higher quality than their minimum.
    • Backstabbing an elite enemy while stealthed with an Emerald Dagger will take off 50% of the monster’s max health.
Other changes:
  • Anti-stun Potion base price increased to 300 coins, up from 150 coins. (jailed merchants sell items for 50% off however so you can still buy them for 150 coins in the wild)
  • Camera now zooms in again when you’re stealthed with the Emerald Dagger and an enemy is nearby (singleplayer only).
  • Hitting a pinwheel with an axe or katana now makes you flinch.
  • Increased cost/worth of items of 2-star quality and higher.
  • Items sold to merchants now give you 25% of their value, down from 50%.
  • Increased the occurrence of finding a weapon in a treasure chest.
  • Jailed merchants now sell potions.
  • Merchants now stock higher-quality items based on how many coins you have.
  • The Capture the Flag flag now only spawns enemies the first time you pick up the flag, instead of spawning enemies on every pickup.
  • The door in the kidnapping room can now only be unlocked once Lady Tallowmere has been freed from her cage.
  • Updated the in-game Tips & Tricks section with everything listed on the new Game Guide page.
  • When viewing your inventory, a bullet • will now appear in front of a category that contains loot you’ve just collected.
  • Fixed conductor’s white glow showing for a frame the first time they come into view.
  • Fixed each hydra head’s health being too high compared to other bosses.
New dev console commands:
  • “force elites” – always create enemies as elite.
  • “start tutorial” – starts the tutorial.
Known issues:
  • On the pre-game launcher, clicking the “Play!” button sometimes causes the game to hang before it even starts (you’ll get a black window that doesn’t go anywhere… the Unity splash logo doesn’t even appear). If this occurs, please force quit the game, open the pre-game launcher again, and click Play! without clicking anything else; should work the second time. I have submitted this bug to Unity and they said it will be fixed in the next major version (so probably Unity 5).

6 August 2014 – Alpha 210

Local co-op has been added:
  • Play with two, three, or four people using the same screen!

  • Controllers/gamepads are needed, though one person can use the keyboard if desired.
  • For instructions on how to get your controller(s) working, please view the Gamepad Support page.
  • To start local co-op, go Main Menu > New Game > New Local Co-op Game.
  • You'll be able to type in your names and choose your input types, then the game will start.
  • If one player loses all their health and falls, another player can revive them by standing by them and holding the Interact button for ~3 seconds.
  • Game Over occurs when no players are left standing.
  • To advance to the next room, all players must be standing in the doorway/corridor.
  • To use a waypoint, all players must be standing on the waypoint.
  • Coins, hearts, and health globes are given to all players when one player picks them up.
  • Boss rooms contain a chest for each player.
  • Enemy base health is multiplied by the total number of players.
  • Selling an item divvies up the coins amongst all players.
  • Sacrificing a kitten increases every player's max health.
  • For further details, including operating system compatibility, please view the Local Co-op page.

Gamepad setup has changed:
  • Lil’ Wizard has gone away.
  • The pre-game launcher’s Input tab now has additional fields to map your gamepad’s buttons and axes to.
  • Windows users using Xbox 360 gamepads shouldn't need to look at the Input tab; gamepads should work from the get-go. However, if you use a different operating system and/or gamepad type, you’ll need to set up your gamepad on the Input tab.
  • When starting Tallowmere, if the game detects that you have a gamepad connected (and assuming the pre-game Input tab has been set up properly), you should be able to start using your gamepad right away. Alternatively, you can change your input type by going Main Menu > Game Options > Change Input Type.
  • The default button for Show Inventory is now Back / Select.
  • The default button for Combat Log is now Left Bumper / L1.
  • For further info, please view the Gamepad Support page.

Other changes:
  • Added a predominant warning message for when your health is low.
  • Added particle effect to archer knockback.
  • Moved the kidnapping boss room’s vertical corridor to the left side; boss should no longer jump down the corridor as much.
  • Receiving damage while stealthed now only has a 15% chance to flinch and unstealth you, down from a 100% chance.
  • Fixed archer arrows sometimes passing through your hero without harming you.
  • Fixed dev console opening when normal interface is already showing.
  • Fixed Jazza’s body parts obstructing view of his treasure chest.
  • Fixed player sometimes doing an about-face when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed the leaper kidnapper being able to die during the kidnapping scene, causing a hang.
  • Fixed Xbox ABXY button icon letters not being very legible.
  • Added dev console command: “debug right trigger”

Known issues:
  • On Windows and Mac OS, when using multiple Xbox gamepads, the green player-number-indicator light on the gamepads seem to be backwards (eg gamepad #2 is actually gamepad #1).
  • On Linux, Xbox controller green light player indicators seem to just flash on and off.
  • On Mac OS X, changing the screen resolution in-game, or toggling fullscreen mode in-game, can cause the game to become unplayable.
  • In local co-op, there is no indicator for how many kittens are sacrificed, nor how many punishments are active.
  • On the pre-game launcher, clicking the “Play!” button sometimes causes the game to hang before it even starts (you’ll get a black window that doesn’t go anywhere… the Unity splash logo doesn’t even appear). If this occurs, please force quit the game, open the pre-game launcher again, and click Play! without clicking anything else; should work the second time. I have submitted this bug to Unity and they said it will be fixed in the next major version (so probably Unity 5).

13 July 2014 – Alpha 194

Please note: the first time v194 is launched, your game's preferences will be deleted, eg music volume level, sfx volume level, keybinds, VSync, etc will be reset to their defaults. This is needed to make way for upcoming local co-op changes (primarily to reset the keybinds). Apologies for any inconvenience.

Major bug fixes:
  • Items you purchase from the home town merchant no longer get destroyed after you max your souls out and return to town.

Adjusted how turning in soul groups work:
  • Old Man Mazaar has put away his vials.
  • To spend your soul groups, you now need to seek out a Demon Statue.
  • Demon Statues increase your max health and base damage, and give you a random passive stat, all with a single press of a button; no more waiting around to drink those level-up vials.
  • There is a Demon Statue located in the home town area.
  • Demon Statues also appear throughout the dungeon.
  • For each soul group spent at a Demon Statue:
    • Your max health will increase by 3-10 points (up from 1-10).
    • Your base damage will increase by 3-6 points (up from 1-6).
    • You will gain a random passive stat.
  • Enemies still grow stronger 2 rooms after you max your souls out.
  • Enemy growth no longer scales with your gear or stats; enemies now level up using a random independent algorithm.

Added ability to reduce damage from certain traps:
  • Raising your shield into a Pinwheel or Acid Cloud Trap now reduces the trap’s damage by 50% (though minimum damage is always 1).

Created an in-game Tips & Tricks system:
  • The main menu now features a Tips & Tricks category.
  • When the game starts, a text file containing news and tips will be retrieved from tallowmere.com.
  • If there’s an item you haven’t read yet, the Tips & Trick category will turn yellow.
  • I plan to use this system to help communicate to players about any critical bugs found in the current version, or perhaps help clarify or give insight into a game mechanic that isn't immediately clear (without needing to update the game just to update some text).
  • (If this data transfer concerns you, please add a rule to your firewall.)

Other changes:
  • Anti-stun Potions now cost 150 coins, down from 200.
  • Axe now hits enemies that are in its attack-swing arc, rather than just what’s on the blade.
  • Elevator has been removed.
  • Health regen tick rate is now 1 second, down from 1.5 seconds; still only occurs if you haven’t been hit in the last 3-4 seconds.
  • Fade-to-black room transitions are now faster.
  • Incoming damage against your character is now capped at 25% of your max health (changed from 33%).
  • Jailed merchants now only spawn if you have at least 150 coins, up from 50 coins.
  • Katana now positions you slightly further away from normal enemies (so you’re not hugging them as closely).
  • Katana target radius has been decreased by 27%; warping should feel a little more contained.
  • Lil’ Wizard now says “D-PAD UP”, “D-PAD DOWN”, etc for clarification, instead of just “UP”, “DOWN”, etc.
  • Ogre stun durations now last 1.5-2.5 seconds, down from 1.75-3.0 seconds.
  • Pinwheel no-damage grace period increased from 0.7 seconds to 1 second (meaning you won’t get hit as often when staying in a pinwheel’s radius).
  • Resistance numbers now reduce incoming damage by .5, down from 1 (though end result is rounded up).
  • Increased bosses’ max health.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of health enemies can gain when they grow stronger.
  • The chance to find a very high-quality/rare item in the first 7 rooms has been reduced (excluding items found in boss chests).
  • You can now click to advance the You Have Died and High Score screens.
  • Fixed health potion effect healing hero if hero was dead.
  • Fixed hero sometimes getting stuck behind spikes when using the katana.
  • Fixed hero starting the game with less than max health if starting gear had +1 Max Health attributes.
  • Fixed rocket launcher rockets being able to collide and explode on yourself while jump-spinning.
  • Fixed rocket launcher sometimes not having a rocket loaded.

19 June 2014 – Alpha 175

Added new NPC, the Punisher:
  • If you’re up for a greater challenge, the Punisher can increase the dungeon difficulty for you.
  • There are currently 17 punishments you can activate:
    1. Enemies attack twice as fast
    2. Enemies deal double damage
    3. Health regen is nulled
    4. Item rarities forced to Basic
    5. No anti-stun potions
    6. No healing potions
    7. No coins from slain enemies
    8. No healing from Lady Tallowmere
    9. No health globes from slain enemies
    10. No hearts from slain enemies
    11. No merchants
    12. No treasure chests
    13. Resistances are nulled
    14. Rooms contain double enemies
    15. No red level-up vials
    16. No green level-up vials
    17. No purple level-up vials

Added new dev console command:
  • delete high scores

Other changes:
  • Added counter for how many kittens you’ve sacrificed.
  • Added counter for how many punishments are active.
  • Damage you receive is now capped at 33% of your max health per hit.
  • Fixed a bug where new rooms would sometimes not load.
  • Fixed enemies not doing enough damage if you had gained resistances from gear or passives.
  • Fixed pinwheel floating text displaying incorrect damage numbers.
  • Fixed zaeries not spinning enough when getting hit.
  • Health regen now only kicks in if you haven’t been hit in the last 3 or 4 seconds.
  • PlayStation 3 gamepads now work with Mac OS X builds again.

Known issues:
  • On the pre-game launcher, clicking the “Play!” button sometimes causes the game to hang before it even starts (you’ll get a black window that doesn’t go anywhere… the Unity splash logo doesn’t even appear). If this occurs, please force quit the game, open the pre-game launcher again, and click Play! without clicking anything else; should work the second time. I have submitted this bug to Unity with the error log it produces, as this seems to be out of my control, so hopefully Unity will fix it soon.

10 June 2014 – Alpha 169

Equippable outfits, headgear, and shields are now in the game.

Weapons, shields, outfits, and headgear now have random rarities with random stats. There are 7 different rarity levels:
  1. Basic
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Fabled
  5. Legendary
  6. Mythical
  7. Otherworldly

Created the following equipment sets:
  • Darson's Armour, Helm, and Shield
  • Ghoulhide Armour, Mask, and Blocker
  • Mercenary's Outfit and Helm
  • Adventurer's Garb and Hat
(I plan on adding more sets and adding unique features to each set in future builds)

Merchants now sell items:
  • The home town merchant refreshes his wares every time you max your souls out.
  • Random merchants can be found throughout the dungeon.

Created a new interface:
  • Pressing Esc brings up the main menu, featuring new things like:
    • Change screen resolution
    • Toggle fullscreen
    • Adjust music volume
    • Adjust sound effect volume
    • View version info
  • Pressing the i key (i for inventory) brings up your inventory:
    • View and equip your weapons, shields, headgear, outfits, and consumables
    • View your passive stat traits
    • View some statistics for your current run
  • Interacting with a merchant will let you:
    • Browse their wares
    • Sell your stuff

Added new consumable, the Anti-stun Potion:
  • Gives immunity against Ogre stuns.
  • Lasts 5 minutes.

The home town now has a static layout, with the aim of being less frustrating.

Tallowmere is now built using Unity 4.5:
  • 64-bit Mac builds now support gamepads.
  • Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.5.
  • The physics system has changed slightly, most notably affecting body parts and zaeries. Will be an ongoing process to tweak this.

Added new dev console commands:
  • delete player prefs
  • give antistun potion
  • give coins
  • item rarity 0
  • item rarity 1
  • item rarity 2
  • item rarity 3
  • item rarity 4
  • item rarity 5
  • item rarity 6
  • item rarity 7
  • spawn chest
  • spawn chest with emerald dagger
  • spawn chest with flamethrower
  • spawn chest with grenades
  • spawn chest with shield
  • spawn chest with consumable
  • spawn chest with headgear
  • spawn chest with outfit

Other changes:
  • Boss rooms now contain a locked treasure chest that can be opened after defeating the boss; these chests always contain an item of Fabled rarity or higher.
  • Bosses now have a little more health to feel more tanky.
  • Burning an enemy with the Flamethrower now resets the enemy’s fire-extinguish timer (so their flames don’t die off prematurely).
  • Cutscenes and NPC conversation dialogues can now be hurried along by pressing keys.
  • Dev console now lets you press Up Arrow to bring up your last command.
  • Enemies and traps now gain more attack power when they grow stronger.
  • Health regen now occurs every 1.5 seconds instead of every 1 second.
  • Hopefully finally fixed monsters and traps triggering and/or coming alive while new rooms are being loaded.
  • Finally fixed fire mages standing still!
  • Fixed a rare bug where the first “Kidnapping” cutscene would sometimes have the leaper forever walking west.
  • Fixed hanging issues regarding Lil’ Wizard and her gamepad setup schemes.
  • Fixed crit damage display numbers being incorrect for certain weapons even though crit damage was being dealt successfully.
  • Fixed “Attack of the Zaeries” room not always being completely covered in spikes.
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck on waypoints.
  • Fixed fire mage flame balls colliding with pinwheel traps.
  • Fixed flamethrower flame hitbox being too small.
  • Fixed grenades sometimes only showing their shadow and not their actual sprite.
  • Fixed Lady Tallowmere sometimes retaining a speech bubble after escaping from her cage.
  • Fixed pinwheel traps not dealing damage to creatures that stayed within the pinwheel’s radius.
  • Fixed rocket launcher rockets being able to collide with your shield.
  • Fixed the Axe, Emerald Dagger, and Katana sometimes making you flinch if you hit an enemy and a wall in one swing.
  • Improved performance for when coins and body parts collide with things (reduced audio playback calls).
  • Improved performance thanks to new object pooling system.
  • Improved the max-souls explosion framerate lag.
  • Leapers now become angry when a grenade bounces off them.
  • Opening a locked door is now faster; the key insertion sequence has been removed.
  • Removed the “+extra souls” passive; returning to town more frequently wasn't fun.
  • Removed the “+health on hit” passive; too overpowered since you can spam your weapon indefinitely.
  • Revised the way enemy’s stats level up; generally, enemy damage should now increase more often.
  • Self-inflicted damage from rocket launchers and grenades is now capped at 33% of your max health per hit; this is probably too generous, but feedback is welcome!
  • Slightly increased coin pickup radius.
  • Slightly increased conductor’s attack range.
  • Slightly increased fire mage attack speed.
  • Spike traps now knock monsters back slightly.
  • Raised enemies’ maximum damage limit.
  • Reduced the “Your enemies grow stronger” message duration.
  • The elevator now moves faster.
  • The “Time Flux” room now always starts at normal speed (for at least a moment).
  • Treasure chests are now able to contain weapons you already have.
  • Updated the Axe’s texture.
  • Weapons found in treasure chests are no longer stronger than the previous weapon you acquired; this is due to how the new rarity and item stat system works.
  • You can no longer consume a Health Potion if your health is maxed.
  • Zaeries now exclaim when they see you.

Known issues:
  • Camera doesn't zoom in and out when you have the Emerald Dagger equipped.
  • Jumping with the flamethrower sometimes makes you jump twice as high.
  • Forgetting to rescue Lady Tallowmere from her cage will cause her speech bubbles to be seen in the next room.
  • On Mac OS X, if the Tallowmere launcher appears to crash when you click Play!, try selecting to run in Windowed mode; you can then select Fullscreen from Tallowmere’s new in-game options menu. Or, just try launching the app again; seems to work on the second try usually.
  • PlayStation 3 gamepads currently crash Unity on Mac OS X. Unity has said this is a known issue, so hopefully a fix will come soon.
  • Zaeries don't bounce nor spin as much as they used to.

30 April 2014 – Alpha 132

Added new weapon: Emerald Dagger.
  • Stay grounded and out of enemy sight for 2 seconds and you’ll become stealthed.
  • While stealthed:
    • Enemies can’t see you (except for bosses and enraged leapers)
    • You won’t trigger acid cloud traps
    • Backstabbing an enemy will slay them instantly
    • Bumping into an enemy will break your stealth
  • While not stealthed, backstabs deal double damage.

Added a combat/event log:
  • To view a list of recent events, press Tab on your keyboard, or Back/Select on your gamepad.
Added two new special rooms:
  • “Attack of the Zaeries” – because everyone loves zaeries.
  • “Time Flux” – time goes fast and time goes slow.

Added health globes:
  • Health globes sometimes drop from enemies, healing you for 25-33% of your maximum health.
  • Bosses always drop a health globe once they reach 50% health.

Added a Dev Console:
  • Press ~ to open the console.
  • For a list of commands, please click here.
  • Entering a gameplay-altering command will display a black and yellow border on the screen, meaning high scores won’t be recorded for the play session.

Removed the “switch inventory type” feature:
  • Weapons and consumables (e.g. health potions) are now grouped together, accessed by switching your weapon/item up or down.
  • You now start the game with a health potion (as well as your axe).
  • The tutorial now tells you how to switch your weapon/item. (no longer nags you later on when you acquire something new!)

The flow of collecting and spending souls has been greatly improved:
  • When you reach your current soul limit:
    • a group of souls will exit your body and follow you around,
    • your soul count will reset to 0,
    • your soul limit will increase by 15, and
    • any nearby enemies (excluding bosses) will be slain.
  • Your group of souls will unlock Old Man Mazaar’s door in town. (this process is now very quick! Mazaar apologises for his past ramblings)
  • You can have multiple groups of souls following you around (though they’ll appear clumped together).
  • If you have multiple soul groups when you open Mazaar’s door, the level-up vials will honour the number of soul groups you had following you. This means you can keep killing and just return to town when you please. No souls will go to waste; vials will increase your stats appropriately.
  • Enemies now grow stronger TWO rooms after you max your souls out, instead of growing stronger in the next immediate room.

Added a new Purple Mystery Vial which can grant you passive abilities, such as:
  • Extra coins from slain enemies
  • Increased chance of enemies dropping a heart or health globe
  • Increased critical strike chance
  • Increased health regeneration
  • Increased health steal per hit
  • Increased souls per kill
  • Increased physical resistance
  • Increased acid resistance
  • Increased fire resistance
  • Increased lightning resistance
  • Reduced stun duration

Other changes:
  • Added a loading indicator when creating a new room.
  • Added background glows around certain objects, aiming to give rooms more visual appeal.
  • All enemies now start with a minimum of 3 health.
  • Archers now try to knock you back if you’re standing too close.
  • Decreased the number of generic rooms between special rooms, but added extra generic rooms at the start of the dungeon.
  • Entering a room now displays a big text overlay of the room’s number and unique room name (if applicable).
  • Gave pinwheel traps a few more pointy bits.
  • Gave the hero a new look for the time being, in preparation for future outfits!
  • Green Attack Power Vial now gives a maximum of +6 Attack Power, up from +5.
  • Hitting an enemy with a melee weapon while hitting a wall simultaneously now only makes you flinch sometimes.
  • Hopefully fixed pinwheel traps sometimes hitting you when you enter a room even though you’re nowhere near one.
  • Initiating a cutscene with Lady Tallowmere now restores you to full health.
  • Jazza now casts his single glowball attack slightly less frequently.
  • Jazza now only casts his blue swapper orbs if he is visible.
  • Jazza now only casts his mass glow ball attack if he is visible.
  • Rocket Launcher can now auto-aim at bosses.
  • Slightly increased hero and monster walking waddling angle.
  • Slightly reduced enemies’ maximum health.
  • Slightly shortened the length of Lady Tallowmere’s rescuing cutscene.
  • The Capture the Flag room now requires you to bring the flag to Lady Tallowmere, who will give you a key to open the door; the room’s key is no longer held by an enemy.
  • The Wandering Merchant has made an appearance, but he has no stuff to sell yet.
  • Traps (spikes, pinwheels, and acid clouds) now always deal 1 damage at the start of the dungeon (sometimes they were dealing 2 damage to start with).
  • You now start the game with a 1-5% critical strike chance.
  • Zaeries no longer sense you through walls.
  • Fixed Archer arrows disappearing when hitting a wall.
  • Fixed Conductor lightning sometimes missing hero.
  • Fixed Conductors being able to see you when you weren’t in line of sight.
  • Fixed hero’s arm looking weird while stunned.
  • Fixed Fire Mage flame ball sometimes being cast after you left the room.
  • Fixed Flamethrower fire ticks not actually doing the damage they were saying they were doing.
  • Fixed Flamethrower flame still showing if you switched weapons while holding the attack button.
  • Fixed Jazza’s fanfare music playing if you had music set as disabled.
  • Fixed Jazza’s swapper orb floating text being too dark and unreadable.
  • Fixed Mr Bigguns sometimes standing still at the start of his fight.
  • Fixed Mr Bigguns’ corpse sometimes sitting in front of Lady Tallowmere.
  • Fixed music and sound effects being too loud when playing speech audio.
  • Fixed treasure chests never spawning in certain event rooms.

Known issues:
  • Archer arms sometimes pose in silly positions.
  • Fire mages sometimes stand still when you re-enter a room.
  • Reaching your current soul limit sometimes causes framerate lag for a second or two, depending on how many objects are around you. I believe this is an audio issue (can cause heaps of gibs to be moved, too many sounds being played at once); will address in a future update.

7 April 2014 – Alpha 111

  • Added gamepad/controller support, tested with:
    • Windows 7: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers
    • Mac OS X Mavericks: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers
    • Linux: Xbox 360 controller
    • For setup instructions, please see the Gamepad Support page.

  • Added sacrificial kittens, acting as an adjustable difficulty setting:
    • Found at the top of town beside Esmerelda, you can sacrifice a kitten for +10 Max Health.
    • There are 9 kittens available, giving you up to +90 Max Health total if desired.
    • Sacrificing a kitten will damn you to a different high-score board for the run.
  • Revamped the high-score system:
    • There are now 10 high-score boards, one for each number of kittens you've sacrificed.

    • Each board lists the top 10 scores for its sacrifice count.
    • The high-score board will be shown after you die, highlighting your run's position (if any).
    • High-scores can also be accessed by pressing Escape.
    • Samuel the scorekeeper has been removed for the time being.
  • Changes:
    • Slighty spaced out the occurrence rate of event rooms.
    • Conductors now zap a little less often.
    • Flamethrower fire ticks now deal full damage instead of 1 damage.
    • Jazza’s blue weapon-swapping orbs now display a message when they hit you.
    • Poison/gas clouds now only last up to 5 seconds, potentially dissipating before hitting something.
    • Poison/gas skull traps now have a lesser chance to spawn.
    • Reduced hero’s chance to spin when jumping to 33%, down from 50%.
    • Slightly increased small keys' yellow glow to enhance visibility.
    • Slightly reduced Ice Wand attack range.
    • Slightly reduced treasure chest spawn rate.
    • Turning in more than 30 souls to Old Man Mazaar is now a lot faster.
    • Wall spikes now only deal damage to enemies if the enemies are visible on your screen.
    • Hero should no longer be able to stand on the edge of vertically-adjacent wall blocks.
    • Fixed archer arrows remaining in mid-air when exiting and re-entering a room.
    • Fixed being able to flip back and forth in place by holding MoveLeft and MoveRight simultaneously.
    • Fixed high-scores not being saved if you exited Tallowmere without using the in-game menu.
    • Fixed objective not displaying if your souls were maxed and you still needed to get an elixir from Old Man Mazaar.
    • Fixed tutorial text always showing when you couldn’t do anything to make the text go away.
    • Fixed zaerie starting health sometimes being less than 3.

15 March 2014 – Alpha 95

  • Added framework for consumables:
    • Treasure chests now sometimes contain a consumable instead of a weapon.
    • After acquiring a consumable, you can switch between your weapons and consumables by pressing Q.
    • To use the consumable you have in your hands, press your Attack key or button.
  • Added new consumable: Health Potion Health Potion.
  • Added new weapon: Flamethrower.
  • Added new weapon: Ice Wand.
  • When your health is low, a red glow now appears around the screen edge.
  • Increased hero’s low health threshold warning to 33%.
  • Added new room type/sequence: "Double Trouble".
  • Added visual and audio effects for when Conductors are preparing to zap.
  • Added sound effect for equipping the Katana.
  • Fixed some movement bugs involving holding down the Block key.
  • Known issue: Zaerie health seems to be way too low for this build. Will fix in next version.

8 March 2014 – Alpha 89

  • Fixed a critical bug where special room sequences were not being activated.

8 March 2014 – Alpha 88

  • Cutscenes are now in the game!
    • (Not very many yet, but this new code is reusable and awesome! Expect to see more in future builds)
  • Room sequences are now used:
    • Tallowmere's dungeon now randomly chooses "room sequences" instead of single rooms.
    • A room sequence is comprised of multiple rooms.
    • For example, a Hydra Lair room sequence might go:
      Generic Room > Generic Room > Hydra Lair Room.
    • A room sequence with a mini story or plot might go:
      Intro Room > Generic Room > Generic Room > Boss Room.
    • This change allows me to implement cutscenes and storyflow while still keeping the game's randomness intact.
    • Room sequences won't overlap, so you won't get a boss twice in a row anymore.
    • If you manage to clear all the room sequences in a playthrough, generic rooms will still be created.
  • Added new room sequence: "Mr Bigguns".   Meow? Mr Bigguns
  • NPCs should no longer accidentally begin conversations after you finish talking to them.
  • Rocket Launcher should no longer spaz out as much.
  • Added new sound effect for pinwheel traps.
  • Added new sound effect for elevator footsteps.
  • Added new sound effect for quest objectives.
  • Tutorial text's assigned input keys are now coloured for improved readability.
  • Slightly increased poison trap cloud movement speed.
  • Bosses now have healthbars.
  • Fixed rocket launcher not dealing full damage to bosses.
  • VSync Terminal Added a VSync Terminal to the starting area, so you can toggle VSync on or off:
    • If VSync is enabled, the game may appear smoother but your input will be slightly more delayed.
    • If VSync is disabled, the game may show screen tearing, but input delay will be reduced.
    • I find that having VSync disabled on Windows works well, but prefer it enabled on Mac OS and Linux.
  • Pressing Escape during a room transition no longer pauses the game; please wait until the room transition finishes.
  • Slightly increased boss' minimum possible health (sometimes felt like they'd die too easily).
  • Fixed existing gibs playing sound effects every time you'd enter a room.
  • Removed fence and bush background doodads; need to explore different options.
  • Fixed treasure chests spawning weapons that had already spawned but not been picked up. (thank you, Scott)

22 February 2014 – Alpha 76

  • Added a new enemy: the Leaper.
  • Reworked the controls:
    • Controls can now be viewed and edited from the in-game Escape menu; Unity's pre-game Input tab is no longer used.
    • The tutorial and interaction texts now reflect your specified controls.
    • Controllers aren't supported yet; have to figure out how to recognise directional-pad input!
  • Added an elevator so you can actually "descend" into Tallowmere's dungeon.
  • Red Level-up Health Vials now grant +1-10 Max Health, up from +1-5.
  • Reduced Ogres' maximum stun duration to 3 seconds, down from 3.5 seconds.
  • Gave Jazza's Lair a bit more visual jazz.
  • Jazza's glowballs now deal their intended amount of damage (were only ever dealing 1 damage before).
  • Reworked Jazza's movement so he no longer clips through walls.
  • Using a waypoint no longer flashes a random red or blue glow.

16 February 2014 – Alpha 70

  • First Alpha launch!
  • NPCs:
    • Lady Tallowmere
    • Old Man Mazaar
    • April
    • Samuel
    • Versionia
  • Weapons:
    • Axe
    • Katana
    • Grenades
    • Rocket Launcher
  • Monsters:
    • Archer
    • Fire Mage
    • Ogre
    • Conductor
    • Zaerie
  • Traps:
    • Spikes
    • Poison traps
    • Pinwheels
  • Bosses:
    • Hydra
    • Jazza
  • Event rooms:
    • Capture the Flag

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  Randomly-generated levels
  Weapons w/ unique mechanics
  Outfits, headgear, shields
  Item rarities
  Multiple enemy types
  Tactical shield blocking
  Deadly traps and obstacles
  Persistent bloodsplats and gibs
  Coins, hearts, souls, and keys
  Treasure chests
  Potions and consumables
  Special room events and bosses
  Passive abilities
  Merchant NPCs
  Local high-score system
  Challenge modes
  Sacrificial kittens
  Combat/event log
  Dev console for cheats*

  Local co-op (up to 4 players)
  Keyboard and mouse support*
  Independent game developer
* Windows/macOS/Linux only.
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